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(clockwise from top left) Jacob deGrom, Steven Matz, Noah Syndergaard, Matt Harvey

Funny how things work out. Two weeks ago from today, July 28th 2015 at about noon, Panic City had reared its ugly head and the end of the Mets season was imminent. The apocalypse had arrived. But last week GM Sandy Alderson pulled off a gem of a trade, in my humble opinion, that may have opened the door to the postseason for the Amazin’s.

The trade, consisting of third baseman Juan Uribe, utility man Kelly Johnson and cash from the Braves, in exchange for pitching prospects John Gant and Rob Whalen, opens up a world of possibilities for Mgr. Terry Collins. Johnson and Uribe’s versatility offensively and defensively have been well documented throughout the league for some time. Their additions to this lineup, combined with the promotion of left fielder Michael Conforto from AA ball, have injected this squad with an obvious boost to start the second half.  Now word came down yesterday of A’s reliever extraordinaire Tyler Clippard coming to Queens in a trade from Oakland. There’s even talk of – wait for it – more trades to come.

A slew of names have been connected to New York recently, including Carlos Gonzalez, Ben Zobrist, Jay Bruce, and Andrelton Simmons. Despite all of the recent activity, the Mets still have ammunition to include in a few more potential moves. Jonathan Niese, Zack Wheeler, and Juan Lagares, among others, can be moved to add more to this offense. 

All of the aforementioned actions take place principally due to what has become, potentially, a pitching staff for the ages. Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, and Steven Matz are the current Fab Four in the tri-state area. Their presence makes this a team no other in baseball would want to face in the postseason.

Mgr. Terry Collins has quite a task before him. There have been whispers that he may not be the manager to take this team to the next level. That he can only take a team so far, then someone else has to take them to the promised land. But these four starters combined with the veteran savvy of Uribe, Johnson, and Clippard, vets like Travis d’Arnaud and Michael Cuddyer returning from injury, and youngsters like Conforto will make this a very interesting final two months of the season. After that, anything can happen. Ask the 1969 Miracle Mets.  


About Luis Fernandez

I am a NYC native & have followed New York sports for the last 45 years. Attended Fordham Preparatory H.S., Manhattan College, & C.W. Post. Former co-host of "Truth Be Told" & "Real Talk Sports" podcasts. Began "The Empire State Of Sports" in 2014.
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