House Oversight Committee Hearing On The Mitchell Report

This is a day of celebration at my house. MLB Commissioner Bud Selig has gutted the game of baseball for the last time. After the final out of the World Series, ole Bud left the grand old game less popular than ever in the history of  American sports and on the verge of falling behind hockey and soccer in the sports landscape.

This World Series had all the makings of a classic – and it was. Any series that goes to seven games with teams and players as compelling as the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants should’ve had the nation on the edge of their seats. And they were – only it was for Monday, Thursday, and Sunday football. On FOX, game 7 of the World Series notched a preliminary 5.7, up a huge 84 percent from a preliminary 3.1 adults 18-49 rating for game 6. But there wasn’t any football on and all MLB had to compete against was regular season basketball and The Middle. And we have good ole’ Bud (what grown – ass man calls himself Bud?) to thank.

The only reason the game was played in K.C. is the American League defeated the National League in the All-Star game in July. That’s right, the result of a meaningless exhibition game midway through the baseball season directly impacted where the seventh game of the World Series was played. That’s probably why I’m so happy the Giants were able to pull it out. The seventh game of a World Series hadn’t been won by a road team since the “We Are Family” Pittsburgh Pirates of Willie Stargell defeated the Cal Ripken and Eddie Murray – led Baltimore Orioles in 1979. Thankfully, Bud Selig’s vile plan to circumvent the game was vanquished in his final game. 

Back in the ’70s, New York City had a Mayor by the name of Ed Koch. His favorite saying was “How am I doin’?” Well, if you ask ole Bud that question, he’ll tell you he’s probably the most effective commissioner baseball ever had. But the truth is his steroid, PED – fueled regime left the game less popular among Americans than ever. Kids out here aren’t playing baseball as before. Perhaps it’s as much a function of our society than anything else. The father – son relationship has taken a beating over the last 40 years. Many young black men in this society do not have a male influence in the household. That’s the foundation baseball was built on. I’ve never seen more baseball diamonds with no one playing on them in my lifetime. Though this development is not due to Selig’s incompetence, MLB has not headed off the problem. Only recently, after seeing how far baseball has fallen in the African-American community, did baseball launch an inner-city program to bring more kids back to baseball. They won’t be back. They’re too busy playing basketball, soccer, football, and video games. I do not know one kid who plays Little League baseball. Least of all in the hood.

Even the World Baseball Classic has spotlighted how far baseball has declined in America. The U.S. team hasn’t even sniffed the finals, dominated by the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Japan, making it the true World Series.

Now baseball fans can’t even enjoy the inductions to the Hall Of Fame any longer either. Every other elite player of Selig’s era has been summarily banned from the Hall by the writers. No mention of the Hall can ignore the greats that have had the door slammed in their face. Bud Selig seems to forget he was running the game when this transpired. But you’ll never hear anything of the sort from ole Bud. All he sees is success beyond belief. I don’t believe it.

Let me end this final farewell with the hope that MLB never again sees fit to make an owner a commissioner. Bud Selig has irreparably harmed the greatest game ever conceived. And for that I can’t say “good-bye” soon enough to just about the worst commissioner I’ve ever laid eyes on – Allan Huber “BudSelig.


About Luis Fernandez

I am a NYC native & have followed New York sports for the last 45 years. Attended Fordham Preparatory H.S., Manhattan College, & C.W. Post. Former co-host of "Truth Be Told" & "Real Talk Sports" podcasts. Began "The Empire State Of Sports" in 2014.
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